Question:I'm in Algebra 3-4. I'd rather not have the answer, I'd like to work it out on my own (it'll make me not feel as guiltly about going to the internet for help.) I know I need to change the lowest common denominator to 12, but that's as far as I can get. Thanks!


Make this easy from the beginning by multiplying through by 12. Look,

(12)(1/3)x + 12(1/4) = (12) x - (12)(1/6)

4x + 3 = 12x - 2

Now we put the x's on one side, the constants on the other. That's subtract 12 x from both sides, and subtract 3 from both sides.

-8x = -5 now divide by -8

x = 5/8 (note how the negatives cancelled each other)

umm if x=1/6 then do 1/3 x 1/6 + 1/4 thne see wat u get !
is it 1/3x or (1/3)x..since u mentioned abt denominator being 12.i assume it to be one-third of x.

then we get (4x+3)/12= (12x-2)/12

we can get rid of 12 on both sides

therefore we have 4x+3 = 12x - 2

therefore 12x - 4x = 3+2

8x = 5.

and for u to not feel guilty i leave it here.but wht surprises me is u figured out to take the common denominator and u couldnt solve it..when the hardest part of the prob is that step.
put the x's on one side and the constants on the other, which would give you:
simplify both sides, and you would get:
multiply both sides by (3/2), which would be dividing by (2/3)
that would give you x=(5/8)

sorry i gave you the answer, but i hope this helped, i explained it so that you can figure out similar questions.

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