7y+2x=11 find the domain?

The domain is what values "x" can be.

If we solve for y, then:
7y + 2x = 11
7y = -2x + 11
y = -2/7x + 11/7

So, x can take on ANY value we choose it to be,
therefore, the domain is all real numbers.

{x | x = all real numbers}


Let's take y = sqrt(x - 4)
Find the domain.

Since we cannot take the square root of a negative number,
x *has* to be greater than 4, right?
Therefore, the domain is:
x > 4 or
{x | x > 4}

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~ Mitch ~
what do you mean by domain?
x probably is 1
and y is probably 2
But i might not be answering your question
This is the equation of a line, and the domain is all real numbers.

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