(x square - 5x + 6) / (x - 7) any math wizards??

(x raise to two - 5x + 6) dovode it by (x - 7)

(x-3)(x-2) / x-7
Yeah, but the best way to learn is to do your own homework!

i don't know how far you need to factor though
are you simplifying it or dividing it? if its being simplified, then (x^2-5x+6)/(x-7) = (x-2)(x-3)/(x-7). if you want to divide it, then it would be easiest to use something called synthetic division, but thats too long and complicated to explain here. try googling synthetic division and teaching it to yourself, its easy to do once you have an example
whoooooooo this is easy..lol (jk) first find the roots to x squared -5x=6) ok? that is
(x-3) (x-2)/ (x-7) now but the roots over the x-7

(-7) u cant simplify it any more
The answer is "X"
x2- 5x+ 6/x-7
the answer is equal to x-2 remaider 20
and this is done through long division. but if you are simplifying it the answer is going to (x-2)(x-3)/(x-7)
Well, a number of people kindly leapt to your aid but wht will happen in the exam hall? Will you manage to do similar calculations? Now that you have the answers, either work out how to solve these kinds of problems or visit the websites below for the general rules. You know, mathematics is just a number of shortvuts and you need to see problems as processes -this is how I compute this; that's how I compute that. Those are the things you need to learn to pass your exams. You can do it. You just don't think you can - but really, you can! believe in yourself.

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