Which is the best short story.~u enjoy read!?

if u can ,tell me the plot (summarize)
10 pts.!

Answers:    How the Whale Became by Ted Hughes

God have a garden. One day he see something unusual, it's black and shiny. The next light of day it's much bigger. In fact, every hours of daylight it grows more than any normal vegetable. When it's six foot long, God thinks he will cook it, but it's basically too big. Soon God sees another problem coming, and sure plenty, it happens. Then, up to that time long, this thing learn to talk, and it tell God what it likes to do.

One light of day Mouse and all the creatures come to bestow God some advice on this article that calls itself Whalewort. They'll throw it into the ocean. God is reluctant, but finally, since it keeps on growing, he agrees. God tell Whalewort that he should blow and make himself smaller, next he can come back on manor. This is how the whale came just about.
If the book culd be anythin then I wuld read out Letting Go of Lisa by Lurlene McDaniel. Its about a guy whose be homesckooled his entire life and starts h.s as a senior he meet a girl named lisa and like her but shes a trouble maker and is particular as a bad girl as he tries to noe her he finds out that their is more to noe bout her vivacity then she protrays within real time.
If you need more aid you can go 2 lurlene's recognized site and read everythin u need 2 noe bout dis book.
It come out last year so u can find the info on splash :)))))))))))))
Hope this helps u!!!
The Lottery and if I summarized it for you it would spoil the story. If you are trying to cheat on your homework...nanananana! lol But really, it is an excellent story.

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