!help!! in essay "positive and negative effects of internet"?

Question:guyz i need ur help..watever u know just tell me...!
bcuz there is a essay competition in my school!
and i wanna to take the 1st position!
itz all on u guyz!
~x~ HELP ~x~

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I hope some of these are some help, and Good Luck.
the internet is just a tool. if it is used for good or bad depends one who is using it and for what goals.
Good things:
lots of information
communication with others (ie. MSN)
entertainment (youtube, etc.)

Bad things:
harmful stuff such as porn, pedophiles etc.
too addicting (bad for health)

Just got that off the top of my head

Hope that helps!

+ ve effect will be
> u can share ideas lyke wat u r doin now... coz opinion from many ppls shows the whole dimension of the world not only one side
> u can develop skills and gain knowledge in technology usage
> keeps u updated. fashions,gossips,celebrities,
> source of entertainment at a cheaper rate... y buy a CD which will cos more when u can download movies and songs 4 free
> u can keep in touch vit ur friends...Ex : existence of yahoo messenger. u can im them wherever there are anytime
conclusion makes our life's easy..
OK i gonna tell u
negative effects:-if we watch Internet for a long time our eyes may get affected. child may develop bad habits.they may start chitchatting and waste their time on net. they may not concentrate on studies and lose their marks.

positive :- i provides a lot of info and explains with pictures flowcharts etc.it is extremely helpful and provides with all types of info.

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