(PLEASE GIVE ME ANSWER QUICK!!) Do you get your foot size from genetics?

Question:I am doing a project for college and I have measured my feet, my moms feet and my dads feet and I would like some-more information to back that up. If theres also a website I could go to please put that to. THANXS!

"All living things are determined partially by the genes that they inherit, partially by their biology as they develop, and partially by the external environment. Some things change as we grow, such as our height . Other traits remain virtually constant, such as our eye color. Some physical features can be changed by our behavior. For example, you can increase your heart rate by running for a few minutes. Tanning changes your body chemistry and skin color. We have less control over other things, such as our foot size."
Your body size comes from genetics but also from nutrition. If you werent exposed to the right foods at the right ages your body might not have grown to its full capacity (same goes for your parents), but yes it is defiantly linked
Do a google search with some pertinent keywords like genetics, inherited traits, or try Wikipedia for genetics. There has to b
some sub catagories to find out about ur feet. By the way, I'm pretty sure you DO inherit that, what else would determine ur size.

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