12th grade students and alluminiz.please..I need project help!!?

Question:hi every1!!i am a 12th grade student...i desperately need a gud topic for chem project!!...i will be soo gr8ful if u could PLEASE be kind enought to help me out..DO sugggest some topics and also how to do them..!! please fast...

You'll probably need a tripod stand for this...Get three different types of food (like cheetos or cheese nips). Then, get a metal cup/can and drill two holes on either side near the top. Place a nail through each hole and set it on a bunsen burner stand so that the nails are balancing the cup. Measure a certain amount of tap water in them. Take a thermometer and take the temperature of the water. Weigh one cheeto/food product on a electronic balance. Get a pair of tongs. Hold the piece of food in the tongs and light the piece of food on fire while holding it under the cup of water. LEt the piece burn until it's as much burned as it can be. Weigh it on the scale once more. Take the temperature of the water after the food is done burning. Do with a couple of other pieces of food. Subtract the amount of the piece before and after. Find the difference between the temperatures also. There should be an equation available (by your chemistry teacher) involving temperature, temperature changed, moles (the grams of the difference between the food of before/after), and the volume of the water. This experiment helps you show how much energy you burn from food! :)
You could make chocolate chip cookies but with a twist. Write the ingedients in their chemical form, such as whatever the chemical form of sugar is, etc. Maybe aid this by drawing a simple sketch of what a sugar moluecule looks like. Write the directions in chemistry terms. for example, if you making a volcano, you could explain the type of reactio ntaht occurs between baking soda and vinegar when you put them together to create the fizz. You'll probably have to do some research to answer questions like why are eggs needed in a mixture and why is it you can substitute something like apple sauce in for the eggs. Good luck! (by the way... I hated chemistry, so I feel you!)

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