What's the message of the story: Of Mice & Men?

Question:I want to know the message the writer is trying to communicate to the reader. Also if possible explain the purpose, effectiveness, tragedy and significance of the novel. Thanks

hopes and dreams
it means are you going to handle what you need to or are you going to scurry away and hide.
Is this question being asked out of interest or for an assignment?! I remember doing a question like that in school!
There must be a subtle message about prejuduice in there, i've forgotten his name, Crooks? Also yes, it is mainly about trying to reach your dreams and achieve your goals in my opinion.
Why Of Mice and Men?

The title of the novel comes from a poem by the Scottish poet Robert Burns (1759 - 96):

The best laid schemes o' mice and men
Gang aft agley [often go wrong]
And leave us nought but grief and pain
For promised joy!
The title of the book comes from Robert Burns' poem: 'To A Mouse'. And the message is that no matter how hard or well we plan for something, our plans can often fail to become reality...or worse, they can end up going terribly wrong.
There are so many messages that are being communicated through this novel that you should consider. I think, for example, that one of the major problems facing the novel is the lack of care for the mentally challenged. In a time when people lived in such poverty, someone like Lenny really had no chance. It also shows how reactionary people can be when they don't understand someone. Also, it shows that caring for someone is not always enough. George has to make a really difficult decision at the end of the novel, not because he doesn't care, but because his options are limited. You could go on and on about what possible messages are embedded in the novel, but the basic tragedy of the novel is that sometimes life's circumstances are such that even a well-made plan cannot overcome them.
Moise, rather than treat your question like a math problem, with a concrete solution, why not try to "feel" the story?

When you're introduced to Lenny, what do you feel about his character? Do you like him? Notice his relationship to his mouse--he loved it so much, he killed it.

Don't you find him an innocent, lovable character? And look at his dream--merely to go away and set up as a private farmer. (As an aside, Steinbeck has many sympathetic stories about farmers and low-caste people and their dreams, from "The Grapes of Wrath," to "The Red Pony.")

And what happens to poor Lenny at the end. The woman. Didn't he love her like he loved his mouse?

And isn't it tragic. As Oscar Wilde observed, "All men kill the things they love."

Lenny loved deeply but not wisely. Therefore you get the tragic ending.

What are you FEELING as you read the story? Observe your own FEELINGS about what is happening. Think to yourself: Steinbeck wants me to FEEL such-and-such. Therefore, THAT is the message Steinbeck is trying to convey.

Moise, think of a movie you've really loved, or a song. Does anyone have to spell it out to you what they meant? Are they academic exercises? No. You FEEL them.

Treat Steinbeck the same way. Spend some time with this great Californian writer. Ask YOURSELF what he is trying to say. If the answer comes from within you, it will be so much more meaningful than if the internet merely proves you with a glib, mathematical answer.
remember that Steinbeck wrote his novels at the worst economic crisis in american history working people were literally starving. Steinbeck had the constant theme in his work that if men stood up for each other love and pride would see them through. He has been critised for been naive in his writting and of mice and men is his most mawkish work but his belief that men(women) have a inner strength and no matter what the odds they would prevail. incedently this is without the help of god the human sprit standing up for it's self
Hi Moize. This works on several levels. There is no single "message".The central theme of two itinerant farm workers illustrates a mutual bond generated by the dependency of Lenny, (simple, good natured, a "gentle giant), on George, (hard-bitten,disillusioned
but still needing human contact). Add to this mix the dominant farm boss, the flirtatious wife, the lynch mentality of the mob and the final pathos of George having to kill Lenny. Read some more of Steinbeck to understand his viewpoint. Cannery Row is particularly good on how groups or communities react in given circumstances, whilst East of Eden demonstrates jealousy & sibling rivalry. Steinbeck was depicting the depression era, so most of the time He depicts a bleak landscape, but His work is not without some humour.
Hi, well there are many different messages the writer is trying to put forward and this is shown by the many different themes in the book such as prejudice and discrimination with Crooks, hopes and dreams between the two main characters and also new beginnings which sort of contradicts the theme of loneliness as at the start of the book Lennie and George enter the brush together (two people) and at the end George and Slim leave the brush together (two people). The novel gives us an insight into the history of workers at the time of the great depression. The purpose and significance depends on the reader and their interpretation of the novel, some readers may see the novel as a 'pick-me-up' giving hope whereas others may see it as a tragedy with dramatic irony. Hope this helps

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