One of the purposes of the Constitution, “to form a more perfect Union,” was in place as a result of?

Question:the state of the country under the Articles of Confederation

the state of the colonies under British Rule

the aftermath of Bacon’s Rebellion

the aftermath of the Revolution

This is the constitution online, sorry I can't help more.
The state of the colonies under British Rule. The colonies, up until King George decided they should nearly single-handedly fund the war-ravaged British Empire, were perfectly content to consider themselves British subjects. However, they were denied a voice in Parliament (denied the right to make laws that were at all in their interest), yet they were taxed on everything just short of the air they breathed.

Also, up to this time, they were 13 separate colonies that had little to do with each other. They were formed for different purposes, out of charters given to completely different groups, and it was often difficult (before the opening shots of the war) for the colonies to work together at all. The constitution was the framework for a union between these colonies, who were struggling in the aftermath of war, to form a "more perfect union" than they had known under British Rule.

(The country wasn't in a broken union because of the Articles of Confederation, these provided an interim basis for government until the Constitution was ratified. Bacon's Rebellion had nothing to do with the unity of the colonies, that was against the leaders of Jamestown in 1676. The aftermath of the Revolution, though it did deeply influence the lives of all the colonists, served to bring them together more than anything else. What kept them un-unified in the first place was the situations set in place under British Rule...please understand these were not set in place to keep them from banding together, they were just very different to begin with.)

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