A really challenging question??

Question:you wake up one morning,and you find yourself on an island...you look around and you find only three items : a chair, a trash can, and a lawn mower.
there is no grass,no people,and no animals on that island (your are alone)....

write a short story explaining how you and the 3 items got there.

remember : the story should be true,not imaginary.

well,i'm nt good at imagining things...i mean writing stories and stuff like that,that is what i believe only really creative people can do and i think you can create a better story than the ones already written.i agree with most of them
umm a plane dropped u off while u were sleeping.
You could have been on a ship and the ship had a wreck.You and the three items washed ashore and you happened to wake up and thats where you found yourself.

Hope I helped.
So you imagine this things and we suppose to give you "real" story? ... jajaja
i dont know the answer but i can tell you this every1 who answered this is probally right so take their advice well u could use the trash can for water the chair for fire wood and the and the gas out of the lawn mower to keep the fire going and that is about all i can tell u but if u do make a fire boil the water so it is nice and clean but if u dont biol it that is ok it wont kill you
maybe im a lawn care person and i was really famous and i was traveling to china to do some lawn work for the emperor and the plane crashed on an island... when i woke up the lawn chair that i use to relax and rest after i cut the grass is there... a trash can for emptying the grass... and my lawn mower!
You work for a local hardware store, and wanted to give some of your stuff to the natives of a randomly selected island to promote your store. Unfortunately, the island you picked has no grass, no people and no animals. Guess you'll have to randomly select another island. =\

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