"Please vote for me" / "Please vote me" - which of these is grammatically correct ?

Question:"Please vote for me" / "Please vote me" Which of these is gramattically correct?

Please vote me is right or please put a vote for me.
the first one is correct. "please vote for me."
"Please vote for me" is correct.
Both are correct depending on the context.Ex: pl vote for me and please vote me out of this deal.
please vote for me
well if question is simple , answer will be vote for me , but if it is in discusstion with someone , person requesting to that person will please votevoteme ie give me your valuable vote.
Both are satisfying the same thought, but it depends upon place where you suppose to use.
the first one duh
i heard and noticed so many times that when people come to houses for canvassing they only say please vote for him or vote for me. At the day of polling when we go to polling booth the party members say please vote him or please vote me. According to me its depend on time.
Both are correct. It is contextual.
both are correct.

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