2 main questions?

Question:1) "Dare to dream." what does this statement mean to you?

2) plan an ideal classroom of the future. think about the new inventions that might make school life esaier

I do believe these questions are aimed at you, not at us. Unfortunately the way you have posted these, and others, makes us think you are asking us to do your assignment for you. (And it looks like our "college professor" obliged.)
Part 1: Interesting.this is the theme of a conference that I am planning for a professional group. What it means for this conference is an extension of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech. It means to think beyond what Dr. King challenged us to do in terms of righting social injustices. It means to move beyond the boundaries and the limits of the imagination, but to set goals to accomplish the unimaginable.

Part 2: The ideal classroom of the future would be the "virtual classroom." Instruction would be remote or via satellite connections. Access to the brightest minds would be your instruction. You would have access to lectures from great philosophers, living or dead - and you would be able to transport your likeness to other places to participate in virtual classroom discussions, all the while never leaving the comfort of your home or your pajamas.
"Dare to dream" is a challange to get one off his butt and doing something other then doing nothing.

Ideal Class room.
Obviously-using a PC where the student sits at home and does work. Problem with that is getting student to sit and learn when there are vedio games in the next room. Rewards for compleating class and actually learning what was presented will be presented to student and then he can go home. If he didn't compleat work, No girlfriend for a month. Or, no video games for a month or both.
1. it means to dare to think outside the box, outside the boundries, to dare to be different, to be unconverntional. It means to have hope for whatever you want to do, to have a prospective goal even though it may seem too idealistic for reality.

2. well, you can use your imagination for this one. What about:
a. laptops for everyone so students dont have to use books
b. a projector linked to a laptop to substitute for blackboards or white boards and chalk.
its easy, just be creative (Im too lazy for that now)

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