ANswer these question?

1.Water molecules have polarity.Explain how sea molecules can attract each other. For a better destiny at winning convey me an email of an illustration of your explaination.
2.Pure water evaporates continuosly from the oceans while salt are left aft.Explain why the salinity of ocean hose down does not increase over time.
3.A factory dumps harmful chemical inhospitable surroundings into a huge hole dug in the ground at the back the building.Explain why and how these chemicals might affect a well located surrounded by a town several kilometers away from the factory site.

Answers:    Big on the water question today, eh?

1. I already explained how water molecules attract eachother:

O -
/ \
H H +
O -
/ \
H H +

This is polarity. The denial, oxygen end of the marine molecule attracts the positive, hydrogen end of the molecule, and vice versa.

2. The salinity of the the deep does not increase because the evaporated water returns to the the deep in the form of precipitation.

3. An aquifer, or underground spring may carry toxins from the dump several kilometers away.

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