A Christmas Carol.Whats the differences between the 3 ghost?What are theyre appearances,where do they take ES?

Question:I read the book but i dont remember this part and matching all the stuff with the ghost.
The Christmas Past brought him to his old work and when he met Belle, right? IDK what he looks like though
" " Present i forgot this one tottally
" " Future wore a black robe and didnt talk always pointed to places. Where did he bring scrooge? I think it was to 3 places.

Ans PLEASE if you have anything else from the book, appearances, places taken, ect. Please post. Thanks a bunch.

A Christmas Carol is a very short novel. The questions you're asking are very basic/recall comprehension questions and are not at all interpretative or analytical. These just require you to go back and find the information printed right there in the text. It's like reading a map, missing a turn and being lost in the middle of nowhere by yourself. You're already part of the way there by realizing, "uh oh... I'm lost. This isn't right, so I have to do something." A successful thinker and driver, goes back and re-reads the map, and when she has her bearings, goes back out on the journey to reach her destination. Sometimes more wrong turns occur, but again, a person sometimes has to re-read to get where she needs to be. You'd be surprised at what multiple readings of the same text/text portions will do to improve your comprehension of not only the basic plot details, but those higher level things like noticing patterns of ideas and such.

This forum is "homework help", not "homework do". Expect advice or some hints--- not someone to do your homework for you.

Some Tips:

1. While Dickensian language can be a somewhat challenging, a good dictionary (or dictionary.com or m-w.com) nearby can help with comprehension as you're reading.

2.Some versions of classic texts also have footnoted information to explain allusions/references (usually at the bottom of the page or if lengthy, a section in the back for the footnotes). Check to see if your edition (or another one you might find at the library or at a bookstore) has this helpful resource.

3. Annotating (writing notes directly in the book or on post-it notes as you read) can help you jot down plot details, character development, questions you have, things you wonder about, patterns of images, etc.---all at the time WHILE you are reading so you don't get to the end and wonder, "Ummm...where did I see that detail?" This takes some time to do while reading the text, but it beats endless hours looking for details afterwards, helps you give concrete texual details when your teacher asks questions during the class (and guess what? It helps you look "like you did your homework" and impresses your teacher that you put forth effort--a good work ethic can go a long way with your English teacher), and with practice, will make you a better reader. Annotating can also be done after the reading as well.

Give it your best effort.

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