. i have to give speech for 5 mins. on any topic.?

Question:plz suggest me the topic which is simple to speak and simple to understand by the audience. n from where i can get the info. for the conern topic .

What's your passion. Do you have a pet. Did you do something unique or fun this summer. What DID you do this summer. A movie. A TV program. Is there a bike trail you like. Remember: Who, what, where, when, why and how. They don't have to be in that order and you don't need all of them. But that will help hold your story together. Try to throw in something funny and props (a poster or something related to your topic) are always good. Please, also, get over your shyness, if you have any. You will have to give a speech of some sort or another for the rest of your life, so take a deep breath, relax, speak up, don't read your notes, and beforehand practice in front of your parents or out loud.
Just choose something you know about - makes it easier if there are any questions!
Hmm, is there something that you have in mind? Anything your passionate about? You could talk about global warming and how you feel about it and what not. It may be a touchy topic though. But, theres plenty of things to say about it=]
Do something that u know about or u can talk about very well!
do a speech u did before! lol

go on http://www.Wikipedia.com
and search for something that u know about so u can get more info!
Teach them something that you know how to do that they might be interested in.
i once did a speech about inhalants. it was a persuasive speech and my teacher said it was the best one i had ever done. u can find endless information on it in the library and online

hope this helps!!
l missed your dead line, hope it went well,
do it on some character...if u have read rebecca, u can do some character analysis of rebecca or maxim...or the narrator. or do it on any world event
what about Weddings?


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