7th grade homework help?!!?

Question:Thank you in advance!

1. Write an expression for the number of kilometers a dolphin travels in d hours swimming at 8 km/h. Then find the number of kilometers the dolphin travels in 3 hours.

2.A fitness club requires a $100 initiation fee and dues of $25 each month. Write an expression for the cost of membership for n months. Then find the cost of memership for one year.

Use the following fact to answer the questions. Every minute, about 145 babies are born in the world.

3.How many babies are born in the world in 6 minutes?

4. How many babies are born in the world in one week?


Boy, you get such easy problems in 7th grade. We used to get much difficult problems at that level. These are just easy multiplication. Look for the numbers and multiply them. You should be able to do them. Start doing them and spend less time on the internet :)
do it your self

we shouldnt give you the answers to your homework you should find out your self!
First step in solving these type of problems is write down what you know, and what you don't know. What follows are tips. I will not write the problem out for you.

1) km=d*8 (this is the first equation) you should be able to get it from here.
2) everyone has to pay 100 no matter how many months they stay so this you will add. you muliply the number of months by the cost per month.
3)how many babies are born in a minute
4) how many mintes are there in an hour, how many hours in a day muliply mins times hours, how many days in a week multiply this times minutes in a day

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