A cylinder has a radius of 6.5 in and a height of 2 ft how much water will it hold -?


Look in your book or on the internet for the formula for the volume of a cylinder and plug in the numbers you have.
Volume of cylinder = pi * (radius ^2) * height
= 3.14*(6.5*6.5 square inches)*(24 inches)=3183.96 cubic inches
The answer is around 3,183.96.

The amount of liquid a cylinder holds is its volume, and to find the volume of a cylinder, the equation of a cylinder is V=pi(r squared)h. Basically, the radius squared times the height, times pi.

First, convert the height to inches, so 2 feet is 24 inches. Then, multiply 6.5 by 6.5 to get r squared, which is 42.25. Then, multiply that by the height, which is 24. This makes is 1,014 pi. You could leave your answer as that, or multiply 1,014 by pi (approximtely 3.14). This is around 3,183.96.
If it has a radius of 6.5 inches, use the formula pi times the radius squared, to get the area of the cylinder base. Then multiply that by 24 inches and you will have the cubic content of the cylinder.
you are finding the volume of the cylinder. the formula for volume is l x W x h (length times width time height)
so, first of all, you have to find the area of the base, so find the area of a circle that would have a radius of 6.5
the formula for area of a circle is (pi)(r)^2 (pi x radius x Radius)
so, plug in the radius, 6.5
6.5 squared is.42.25
42.25 times pi (3.14)=...132.665
so the area of your base is 132.665. now multiply this number by the height of the cylinder, but DONT BE FOOLED! the height is given in feet, not inches, so first convert the feet to inches, 2 ft=24 inches, so now multiply 24 times 132.665 and you get your answer 3,183.96 inches. this is the volume of the cylinder, thus telling you how much water it will hold.
if yo uwant the answer in feet, simply divide your answer by 12, to get 265.33 feet.

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