3/x+1 - 1/2 = 1/3x+3?

Question:10 points for whever can explain this equation the best.

I have a feeling it's

3/(x+1) - (1/2) = 1/(3x+3)

for the problem, I'm just trying to figure it out :o
if 1/3x is (1/3)x then...

okay so first move the x's to one side and the numbers to the other: (3/x) - (1/3)x = 3-1 +1/2

simplify: (3/x) - (1/3)x = 5/2

multiply everything by x: 3-(1/3)x^2=(5/2)x

move: 0= (1/3)x^2 + (5/2)x -3

now use the quadratic formula to solve for x.
ok i think it is written like this 3/1x+1=1/3x+3

make the number to one side and the variable to another side
3/1x-1/3x= -1 +3

8/3 x = 2

u can multiply the nominators by 3 which will give u the equation like this

8x = 6

x = 3/4

hope this help u

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