I'm doing bleak within institution even though i'm trying really tough?


Answers:    Sorry to hear that.

The important reality you stated is that you are "trying really hard."

Have you considered that you might hold a learning disability? Not that you requirement medication or anything of the sort. But if you do have a erudition disability, then you can gain help beside learning/coping strategies and skills.

Also, the manner contained by which the subjects are being skilled to you could be the reason why you're struggling. Maybe you are a "concrete" or "tactile" learner and the curriculum isn't principle to that? (There are other ways or "styles" of learning, too.)

Talk to your parents and your university counselor.

Testing for learning disability would involve both an erudite assessment and an IQ test. The erudite assessment test looks at what you own learned and/or know while the IQ experiment looks at what you are truly capable of. If the IQ tryout shows that you are within list of most people (100) but the researcher assessment shows that you are far behind, you might qualify for exceptional schooling services that could help you.

Don't be red to ask for an assessment. It's really one of the bravest thing you can do...
i surface ya. try a tutor or stay after school beside your teachers for more abet.

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