1L= 1000ml

1000mg= 1g
the conversion factor is:

1mL=1x10^-3 L


1Lx1mL/1x10^-3 L

the unit L will be cancelled and mL will remain..


solve in the calculator.

thats all.

to get a milli-"something" you take the original quantity and unit and times it by 1000

same with centi-"something" except you would use 100
1L= 1000 ml
You can remember this by keeping in mind that the prefix "milli" means one thousandth (0.001) therefore a milliliter is a thousandth of a liter. It is helpful to remember some other prefixes as well:
megaliter=one million liters= 10^6
kiloliter=one thousand liters=1000
liter= one liter= 1
deciliter=one tenth of a liter=0.1
centiliter=one hundredth of a liter=0.01
milliliter=one thousandth of a liter=0.001
microliter=one millionth of a liter=10^-6
nanoliter=one billionth of a liter=10^-9
1L= 1000mL

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