A number from 21 to 32 is drawn at random p(not a 21?

Question:please sum one help me with this problem i realy don't understand

There are 12 possible ways you can draw a number that is between 21 and 32.

There are 11 possible ways that you can draw a number that is not equal to 21.

Therefore, the probability of drawing a number that is not equal to 21 is 11/12
what's the problem? the question? I'm confused what does "p(not a 21)" mean?
You want to know what are the odds of picking a number from 21 to 32 at random and that number not being 21. So what you want to do is first count how many numbers are possible, including 21. So you have 21, 22, 23,...,32 which means that you have 12 numbers that you could pick. Well 11 of those 12 numbers are not 21 right? So the odds are 11 out of 12 or 11/12.

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