"To lay" or "to lie"?

Question:4. I can see Mr. Rosen as he __________ his airline ticket on the counter.
5. The seat adjust so the passenger can __________ back.
6. An hour before dinner last night, Josie __________ the silverware on the table.
to lay or to lie
i dont know, i dont get it

Thank you!

lay means put ..like >>put(lay) the siverware on table, put(lay) the tickets on counter

(laid not layed for past tense)

lie means resting position or resting state.. like.. lie back and relax, lie back and let me rub your feet. something lieing down

just a guess, not positive
4. laid
5. lie
6. laid

Many of these answers are completely incorrect.

4. lays (talking about action that is happening right now)
5. lie (move himself into a lying position)
6. laid (happened in the past)
4. lay
5. lie
6. lay

"to lay" - verb - "to lay a carpet"
"to lie" - verb - "tell an untruth"
"lie" - adjective - "something that is laying down"
lie = to rest or recline (present tense)
lay = to put or place in postion (present tense)

4 lay
5 lie
6 lay
Lay in all three instances. when ever posed with such a dillemma; read out loud and decide which makes the most sense.
4. lay
6. lay

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