A good speech topic?

Question:Our speech teacher asked to make a 3-5 minute speech. But until now I haven't found a topic yet. What topic could you suggest? She said that we should choose a topic that is an issue nowadays just like the issue on global warming. It should also be appealing to teenagers. So what are your suggestions and where can I find information about that topic?

Talk about something you are concerned and care about, and 3-5 minutes will go by easily. For example: I did a speech on controlling the pet population by spaying or neutering your animals. First, I talked about how bad of a problem it is and how thousands of perfectly good potential pets get put to sleep because there are no homes for them. Then about the all benefits to the pet and to society. Give numbers and figures, and have a visual to be more effective. Good luck!
Cell phone bans in schools
Blocking internet sites such as Facebook in Schools
Uniform Codes
Mandated graduation testing
The decline of Art Education in High School
GPA requirements for participation in Sports.
1) Need for a homework-free life
2) Why should one study?
3) What u have to do to be a successful citizen of your country.
4) Why u should respect your contry.
5) Time Management
6) How to deal with stress and peer pressure
7) Need of sports in life

These must be enough.
Hope it helps and all the best!
>>College Course: Passion or Profession
>>Teenage Rebellion: Parents are the primary cause
Violence in the media: too much? or are parents over-reacting? Teens are always interested in talking about anything involving television... especially if it's controversial. You can find articles all over the internet.
For teenagers to be interested its the same old topics that every generation of teenagers listen to:-

1. Drugs - recreational/medicinal

2. Sex - when is the appropriate age to lose your virginity

3. Education - home/school environment

4. music - noise or creative poets

5.T.V. - crap or educational tool

Hope this helps

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