20 facts about the enviroment?

Question:Can you give me 20 facts about the enviroment and have them be serious and please don't tell me to use google!!

Thanks to all who take time and do this for me and best one get 10 points!

1) East Gippsland occupies only 5% of the state of Victoria yet its forests contain 273 rare and threatened plant species and 43 rare and endangered animals.

2) From DNRE's own documents, it is calculated that only 10 to 20% of trees felled in old growth forests end up as sawn timber. The rest is woodchipped or burnt as waste.

3) Alternative building products such as steel roof trusses, concrete slabs and pine, are now taking over tradition uses of hardwood for building.

4) In order to overcome the problem of regeneration failure the DNRE is using 1080 poison to destroy native animals, but "ash bed deaths" are the prime reason seedlings are not growing back.

5) Leaked documents show that the timber industry pay royalty rates as low as 9 cents a tonne. If the government had the courage to make the industry pay its way, royalties would have to be dramatically increased.

6) Promote genuine high value-added wood products from non-endangered hardwood species.

7) Implement new technologies to improve the efficiency of saw milling, such as radial sawing.

8) Promote eco-tourism in East Gippsland.

9) Develop opportunities for processing of alternative fibres such as hemp for paper.

10) Make use of existing plantation base to meet the current demand for forest products.

11) Large areas of logged forest are being scalped, ripped and mounded, planted with the commercially desirable eucalypt species and treated with pesticides and fertilisers. A plantation by any other name?

12) There have been eight incidents of down-grading of high quality logs in recent years. Thus, quality sawlogs can be obtained at throwaway rates or as freebies. The DNRE system for log checking is abysmally inadequate.

13) Despite DNRE policy which states that rotation lengths for clearfelling should be between 80 and 120 years, under the new Intensive Forest Management Agenda forests which were knocked over as recently as 20 years ago have logging coupes planned in them already.

14) DNRE research shows that 2 -13% of tree ferns survive clearfell logging.The use of heavy machinery has been shown to create severe problems with soil compaction, water absorption, erosion through runoff and seedling survival . However, the results of this unpalatable DNRE study are being ignored.

15) It takes greater than 120 years for hollows to form in eucalypts.

16) The forests are "managed" by the Department of Natural Resources and Enviroment (NRE). Much of this threatened forest is in water catchments that are not protected in National Parks, with some of these areas bordering National Parks.

17) Many of these beautiful, heritage value forests are currently being clearfelled and burned. 800,000 tonnes of timber per year is wasted through the practice of clearfelling.

18) The Code of Forest Practices sets vague environmental guidelines for logging. It is consistently breached and breaches are unfailingly overlooked by DNRE forest managers.

19) DNRE's declared National Biological Sites of Significance are now being logged.

20) In order to overcome the problem of regeneration failure the DNRE is using 1080 poison to destroy native animals, but "ash bed deaths" are the prime reason seedlings are not growing back.
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