"Octopus Scenario". For science homework my teacher made this up and it is very hard any help please?

Question:Your miss is to recover very impotrtant documents that are locatedd in a steel chest that has fallen from a ship and is submerged in 25 meterse of water. its extremely critical that the documents not get wet so think about your plan.
the steel chest has a key-lock and the key has been lost. the chest has possibly been designed with a comtainer of acid (H2So4) in the lid and if the chest is rocked the acid could destroy the documents.
you dont know where the documents are in the chest. but the rust (iron oxide) is starting to form ont he North. or the "cliff-side" of the chest there is a 250 foot cliff that 1/3 of the chest is hanging off of.
your fellow scientists estimate the mass of the chest is about 100kg and has dimensions of 120 cm
a family of octopii live all around the chest and has even made a den in the rocks underneath the chest.
the chest is 30 meters from the shore of an island to the south that is inhabited by a tribe of cannibals. these people are very sensitive

This is an interesting one.there are alot of IF's here and alot of info that is missing.

Is the steel chest watertight? If not then the docs are already wet.

You are going to need some kind of diving equipment to go 25 meters...that is quite aways underwater.

Once you get there, the easiest way to get the chest up would be to tie a float to it and inflate it with air from your scuba tank. A similar technique is used to salvage ships and other heavy objects underwater.

Once the chest is outside of the water, getting into it shouldn't be a problem. You can cut through the side without setting off the acid in the lid, or possibly attack the rusted out spot in the side. Even get a locksmith to pick the lock without a problem.

Here is another idea. Get your locksmith in a scuba suit and construct a plastic bubble around the top of the chest filling it with air from your tanks. The chest will be in the bubble of air inside the plastic container, so the locksmith can pick the lock and the docs can be placed in a ziploc bag and safely taken to the surface. The chest can stay down there for all I care...

Like many word problems, there is a ton of information that is absolutely useless. Only use what you know to help you get the docs.

Good luck! and happy diving! :-)
I think your teachers crazy. Also I doubt he's expecting an accurate answer from you, it's practically impossible. I think he just wants a creative and unique answer.
I know this don't help but ,tell your teacher to quit trying to be a pirate . Stop trying to seek out the treasure . BE a TEACHER

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