A couple of Algebra questions...?

Question:"Write the equation of the following lines.

1. through (0, -1), m = -1
2. through (-2, 3), m = 4/3
3. through (3, -1), m = 0

I'm stumped on these ones. Even if you could only help with 1 or 2, that would be great. Thanks for any help...

use point-slope form.
if we are given a point (a,b) with slope c,
point slope form is-
1. y+1=(-1)(x-0)
And I think you can take it from here.

And for the last one, it's just a line with a slope of 0, meaning it's a horizontal line. And you know it goes through the y value of -1. Imagine a horizontal line going through the point (3,-1). That's what it is.

I wanted to give you the process, not just the answer.
1. y=-(1)x-1
2. y=4/3x+2
3. ?

Hope that's right. I'm in geometry. Should be right.
The easiest thing to do when given a point and a slope is to use the point-slope formula:

All you have to do is to substitute the given coordinates for x1 and y1 in the formula and you are done. Hint: if m=0, y is a constant.

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