2 algebra questions, please I need help. Serious answer too!?

Question:Bryan wants to fence a rectangular land which is 2 meters wide. He can only use up to 15 meters of fence material and wishes to fence an area of at least 5 square meters. What is the range of the area(S) Bryan can fence?

I know the answer is 5 < or = to S which is < or = to 11.
But I don't know how to get it .Please give me a thorough answer.

My second problem is a line runs through the points(-2,4) and (-2,-3). A line perpedicular to the first line passes through the point (3,5). Find the equation of these two lines?

The answer is 7x+4y=2 and -4x+7y=23 Please also give me a thorough answer since I don't know how to get it.

Here is a picture for you on a grpah for the equation problem, didn't do it for you, just helpedhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/18955982@n0...

Edit: Sorry that the picture was flipped, fixed that!
HOLY CRAP!! When I was in school, I had to figure out math problems "the old fashoined way"... FIGURE IT OUT... Work it through... THINK!

Sure, we had the Internet and color TV and cell phones, but to flat out cheat and ask someone for the answer is simply wrong. Is that the lesson that you want to learn? How to cheat? If so, ask Barry Bonds, he knows all about cheating!
there is some thing wronge with the secound question.
(-2,4) and (-2,-3). is a straight line going down
who gave you the answer does not know what there doing.
or has a def problem then you

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