A question about Chinese calendar?

Question:How come sometimes there are, for example two eighth months, in the Chinese calendar? For instance, there were two seventh months in 2006. Is there a pattern? How do we know if there if there will be a double month next year?

This has been the pattern.

2006 => 7th
2004 => 2nd
2001 => 4th
1998 => 5th
1995 => 8th
1993 => 3rd
1990 => 5th

Anyone who finds out the ans,pls list your sources.

This topic is very deep and confusing, but these two sites offer comprehensive explanations. (remove all spaces from the following links or they will not work)

1. One of the tables on this site actually has the dates you listed. Check it out!

http://www. chinesefortunecalendar.com/ CLC/LeapMonth.htm

2. The person who authored this website is the guru of the Chinese calendar. It's a really interesting read!

http://www. math.nus.edu.sg/ aslaksen/calendar/ chinese.html

Best wishes to you!
actually i am chinese i think its just come at random my mom said it depend on the sun or the moon long berfore...

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