How can I income more attention is academy and do my homework?

i get bored and stop involved an draw or something. When i get home i shift straight to the computer an play games or get on msn an stuff. i really wanna do right this year my grades aren't really that great and its only the commencing of the year =/ I also stay up late an solely get approaching 5 hours of sleep if that lol, i try to go to bed hasty i feel similar to im always missing out on something idk >.<

Any tips or something? Thanks :D

Answers:    Good study conduct have be a battle within my life since I be a schoolkid. I'm 39 now, and a attorney. My Xbox, my dogs, my partner, my kitchen, my TV are all more fun than work. And they name to me -- come play! Let's make salsa! Come monitor "Family Guy!"

When I have profusely to do, I isolate myself. I go to a library or a cafe, and I don't bring a magazine or my cel phone. I try to stay until I am finished.

Even studying for the lump exam, the biggest test of my existence, was a struggle. It be the first time I was out of institution in my entire natural life. The beach be nearby. I in actuality took the train every day from San Francisco to Berkeley to shift to the library where I have studied as an undergraduate, again to isolate myself from the phone, the TV, and the beach.
try to return with a freinds phone number and do it together
ask ur teacher to do more fun stuff

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