3 math problems please?

Question:1. Renee must solve the equation 4x+12=6x. If she subtracts 4x from the left side of the equation, what should renee write in the right side of the equation?

2. mark's cats eat 72 ounces of food in one week. how many pounds of food do mark's cats eat in one week?

3. jordan has $608 in his savings account. he withdraws 15% of the money to pay for school clothes. which is the best estimate for the amount of money jprdan withdraws? $40, $90, $400, or $510?

please give me an explaination! I have no clue how to do these!

1. She must also subtract 4x from the right side of the equation. If you do something to one side of an equation you must do the same to the other side.

2. 72 ounces = 4.5 pounds , there are 16 ounces in a pound, so 72 ounces divided by 16 is 4.5

3. $608 multiplied by 15% = 91.2 so $90 would be the best estimate. Or you could mulitiply 608 times .15 and that would also equal out to 91.2
1. renee should write -4x on the right side too. That means 12=2x so x=6

2. 4.5 (16 ounces in a pound = 72 divided by 16)

3. 10% of 608 is $60.80 and divide that by two to find out 5 percent. That is 30.40. Add that together and that is 15%. That is $91.20. $90 is your answer.
subtract 4x from both sides
which equals
divide 2 into 12
equals 6
1. 4x+12=6x
12= 6x - 4x
12 = 2x
6 = x

2. 1 pound = 16 ounces
72/16 = 4.5
Therefore 4.5 pounds.

3. 608 x .15 = 91.2
Therefore $90 would be the best estimate.
1) first off .. if your gonna subtract from one side .. then subtract the same amount from the other ..

( subtract 4x from both sides )
4x+12 (-4x )= 6x (-4x)
since +4x cancells out the -4x on the first side
12=6x (-4x)
now 6x - 4x would be 2x
12= 2x
devide both sides by 2
12/2 = 2x/2
6 = x

2) should be easy .. how many ounces in a pound ??
divide 72 by how many ounces in a pound

3) 90 is easy
quick way to look at this is how many 100's in 608. ( 6 right ?? )
ok .. 15% of 100 is ... 15.
since ya nead 6 sets of 100 ... multiply by 6
15 x 6 = 90

sorry i can't help ya much on #2 .. not good with weights and measures
1. she must subtract 4x from the right side , what ever is added /subtracted/ multi/divided from one side must be done to the other, this is because the two sides are supposed to equal each other if something is added to one side but not the other, the equation would no longer be equal

2. First off 1 ounce = .0625 pounds, the cats eat 72 ounces in a week so you convert 72 ounces to pounds (72 x .0625 = 4.5 pounds)

3. when dealing with percent, to find the percent of something you multiply the cost by the percent (608 x .15 = 91.2) so the answer would be 90. In these types of problems pay close attention to the wording if it was asking for the amount left you would first find the amount taken out (91.2) and subtract that from the total amount in the savings

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