2 math problems?

Question:can you spell these out for me step by step?

1. Looking for the Area of a circle with a radius of 3 in. I dunno how to write exponents and pi symbol on here. :) I got 88.7364. Where did I go wrong?

2. Looking for height of triangle with Area of 36 inches squared and a base of 8 in. I got 4.5. Where did I go wrong again!!??

1) The equation for the area of a circle is:
Area = Pi * (r^2)
*note: r^2 means radius squared*
Area = Pi * (3^2)
Area = Pi * 9
Area = 28.27 square inches

You made your error because you multiplied 3 by Pi and then squared, instead of squaring three and then multiplying by Pi

2) The equation for the area of a triangle is:
Area = 1/2*b*h
36 = (1/2) * 8 *h multiple both sides by 2 to clear the 1/2
72 = 8 * h divide both sides by 8
9 inches = height

You made your error in step #1 -you divided by 2 instead of multiplying by it
area=(pi) r squared. Radius=3 Pi=3.1416, Area=28.2744

triangle: area=1/2bh. 36=(1/2)(8)(h), 36=4h, h=9.

Good Luck!
pi(r squared) - square the radius first

triangles are base times height divided by 2 so youhave to do 36 divided by 2 then divide by 8

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