0.1 ml suspension of 1:100 dilution added to another 9.9 ml =?

I need it for tomorrow! PLEASE HELP!

Answers:    A .1 ml suspension of 1:100 dilution method you have .1ml/100 = .001 of anything you're suspending. When you add the .1ml to 9.9ml, you enjoy a total of 10ml. Take your .001, divide by the 10ml, and you have .001/10 = .01/100 = .1/1000 = 1:10000 dilution.

Another path to look at it: you've gone from a volume of .1ml to a volume of 10ml. You've increased the volume by a factor of 100, so you'll increase the dilution by a factor of 100, taking you from 1:100 to 1:10000.

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