!!!! Day in the Life of a Teddy. URGENT !!!!?


I need to qrite a speech about the day in the life of a teddy bear

I need a complete speech by tomorrow!

It needs to be 3 minutes long!

Can anyone write a spech for me and Ill just twist it a bit?


Earn 12 points!

I woke up beside my friend Lucy. Lucy put me on the end of the bed while she went to get dressed.

When she came back she took me to the kitchen and put me on a chair beside her at the breakfast table.

Mommy was making scrambled eggs. It smelt nice but I am not allowed to eat scrambled eggs. I wonder what they would taste like?

After breakfast Lucy takes me outside to her little house. It has two windows and a door. She sits me there and we have a chat over cups of make believe tea.

It was going all swimmingly when out of no where George my big "brother" came and snatched me. Lucy started to scream and tried to rescue me. George was to quick and he through me into the tree.

I was scared I dont like heights. Lucy was screaming for mommy to come and get me out of the tree. George was laughing. When he saw mom he hung his head as she scolded him. George had to get me out of the tree.

Lucy held out her arms as mommy put me back safe with my friend. Lucy took me to her room for a nap. She went fast asleep and I layed awake listening to her sleep.

Later on in the evening Lucy put me in a stroller and she sat beside me as we watched a cartoon.

Then it was time for bed were I once again snuggled close to Lucy.

"Nighty Nighty Teddy." She whispered as we both went to sleep.
Ok, see life thru the eyes of the teddy, ie say things like I woke up this morning and I felt so alone. Johnny has grown up and he doesn't play with me anymore. I have no friends. That Bratz doll is so mean to me. I wish I could have a lady teddy bear friend. MY coat is getting fuzzy and smelly from all the years that Johnny used to hug me. I really could do with a wash, but I also like the smell his little fingers left behind on my body. Mom was even saying she's going to give me away to charity and I don't want to leave my home. Sigh. Maybe another little boy will love me and treat me kindly, but I am so scared. What if he rips off my ears or nose and just tosses me in a corner. Something like that. A mini toy story, haha. Can u tell I used to write the other kids' essays for them. Good luck!

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