7th Grade math help?

Question:Ok. So i know this is an easy problem, i know the answer mentally but i don't know how to work it out on paper. The answer is .01. Question/ problem: 10 divided by 1,000. Tell me how to work it out exactly. I'm really a smart person it's just it's the beginning of the year and i can't remember stuff. I called my friend but she couldn't figure it out either. Thanx!

Think about it as 10.00 divided by 1000. That's how you know where the decimal point goes. Does that help?
The easiest way to divide something by 1000 is to move the decimal point three places to the left! How simple can a problem be? 8^)
Well to begin write down the fraction


then cross out 1 zero on top and bottom:


Now move the decimal point to the left on the top number by the number of zeros there are on the bottom number(there are two zeros on the bottom):


Another way:

1/100 is also a fraction: 1%, which is then .01

I AM 10000..% SURE! =]

10/1000=1/100. Then, do long division. 100 on the outside of the bracket and 1 on the inside. Add 2 zeroes to the 1 to get 1.00, and also put that decimal on top of the division bracket. Then, 100 goes into 100 one time, and the decimal makes it .01.

Hope that makes sense - hard to explain when you can't write that division bracket.
Start with 10.00

Now, there are 3 zeroes in 1000, so move the decimal point 3 places to the left, and you get .01
10 = 1000
1 = 100 of which the decimal point is
Hope this helps you smart person!
im going to tell your teacher your asking for hwlp on EduQnA.com
move the decimal point (10.) over three places:

1.0, .1, .01
remember in grade school when you divided this way;

3)9 (now picture a horizontal line over the nine)

(I don't know how to do this in this "wordpad" type format, but I'll try)

1000 )10

remember how you add zeros to the denominator? do so, remembering to insert the decimal point. And you'll come to an answer of .01

I don't know if that was all that clear, but I hope it helps
u have 2 cross out the zeroes and then move the decimal 2 places to the right. its like this. 10/1000 if u cross out the zero from the ten and the thousand . since ten only has 1 zero u can only cross one zero from 1000. so then it becomes 1/100. then u move the decimal place
Long division huh?

10 divided by 1000 =

Put a decimal after the 10 and a zero.
Then you'll have

Put another 0 after it:

Then divide leaving the decimal = .01

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