10 points to best answer!!!!!!?

Question:I need help!! 10 points to best answer!!!!?

Guys,I really need help with my homework.I have to write a 1 page essay.I need help with how geography and how it helps us understand history.It needs to be 3 paragraphs from 3-4 sentences. And I have to give an example of a country that used to be different like Egypt. Please help.I don't want you to do my homework for me.I just want help.I have a sentence started already.
Could you give me a sentence or two to work with please?

use the grand canyon. arizona was mostly flat like a plateau, then a small stream of water eventually carved a canyon.

another is how continenal drifts /&mini quakes effected florida. florida used to be huge land mass.
well you could speak about the different religious beliefs in egypt like how they had gods of the sun and sky and stuff like that my geaography teacher loaves that kind o stuff

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