"After the First Death" Quotes or "Cold Sassy Tree" quotes?

Question:I need 3 quotes from "After the First Death" by Robert Cormier, or "Cold Sassy Tree" by Olive Ann Burns, and an explanation why I choose them. Please, I've been searching the books and can't find anything

How could you search the books and not find anything? That makes absolutely no sense, since ANY sentence you lift from the book will be a quote!
Think about what some of the main "Oh my gosh" moments were in the book, when something very important happened, or a character in the book was full of surprise or shock or sadness, then find a quote (something the author wrote) that gives the reader the essence of that situation. That, in my humble opinion, is what makes a good quote.

Good luck to you!
go to sparknotes.com and it will help you
wow, idk, i looked in google, and tryed sparknotes and found nothing, hmmmmm, i never even heard of theose two things, what do u need this for, school hasn't started??GOOD LUCK!!

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