Question:wat is it

why don't you figure it out yourself? how will you ever learn anything if you just want someone to tell you the answer.

ugh...school hasn't even started yet for me. your in algebra i guess...

well...i'm not sure it's right, but i came up with 2x-9 (x=4.5)

check your answer again to make sure
-18x - 9y

I am 100% sure of this answer.
i got 2x-y... but i did it quickly so i think i doubt im right. you really should do it on your own though. you wont learn if people give you the answers. haha especially if its me.
Do your own homework.
im not sure at all.
But im guessing

-5(2x-3y) + (3y+x) -8

= -9x + 18y - 8
not sure of the rest. sorry
: )
First order of operations is multiplication

-5 * 2x and add -5 * -3y
= -10x + 15y

Then combine x's and y's
-10x + 15y + 3y + x - 8
= -9x + 18y - 8

You cannot simplify that any further, and since there is no "=" in the original equation, you cannot solve it.

Answer: -9x + 18y - 8
You have to distribute the -5 times the terms inside (2x-3y), but be careful NOT to distribute the -8. The -8 is to be subtracted the way it is written. If it was inside (), then it would be distributed times the (3y+x). Always make sure you copied the problem correctly.

To finish, you add like terms.
first distribute -5 into (2x-3y). take that answer which is -10x+15y+(3y+x)-8..then distribute the -8 into (3y+x) which would be -34y-8x..ssoooo rewrite it and it's 10x+15y-34y-8x..then collect the like terms then theres your answer! simple algebra!
it should be
-10x+15y - 24y -8x
(-10x-8x) + (15y-24y)
-18x -9y

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