Question:3/4 is a fraction just so you know. also explain how to turn the fraction into a decimal abd tell me the decimal. also mulitply it by 1.33. [this isnt my homework so its not cheating]

3/4 = 3 divided by 4
4 | 3

= .75

Think of it this way, you have a full bottle of coke and 4 friends. Then you can pull a portion for each. 4/4 . You can also have half a bottle 1/2 that is 1 portion for 2 friends. Or you can have 3 portions for the 4 friends 3/4 which is 75% of the bottle full.
The easiest way to do this problem is by changing them both to fractions. Fractions are more exact than decimals.

1.33 is the same as 1 and 1/3 or 4/3.

4/3 times 3/4 is 1. What's on top becomes the same as what's on the bottom (your numerator and denominators are the same), thus you have 1.
Hi, to convert 3/4 into fraction, just divide 3 by 4. The result will be 0.75. Then the answer to ur problem will be:
(1.33)*(3/4) = (1.33)*(0.75) = 0.9975.
Hope it helps!
Okay..so you want to turn a fraction into a decimal.
The fraction that you put was 3/4.
So..do that as a division problem...what 3 divided by 4?
I'll do an example.

Let's say I wanted to turn 3/12's into a decimal.
I would divide 3 by 12. [notice that people put 3/12 for a division problem as well]
I would get .25.

How do you multiply a decimal?
Do it you would usually multiply regular numbers.
then count the decimal places in the problem. [the two numbers that you are multiplying together]
in this case it would be 4..alright?
let's say the answer is [this is not the really answer]
56645, you'd count backwords and place the decimal there.
so..5.6645 would be the answer.

**Again..this is not the real problem..it's an example.
You turn the fraction into a decimal by dividing it. so it would be 3÷4. the decimal is .75. so it would all end to be like: 1.33x.75=.9975.
You do this:

3÷4 = 0.75
1.33 x 0.75 = 0.9975
Which if you round it, it's 1.


You change 1.33 to 4/3 & multiply that by 3/4
which is also 1. Hope I helped. (: ily.

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