Math Help Please♥♥♥?

Question:♥Write the following as one logarithm with a coefficient of 1:

3log x+ log y - 2log r - log t

♥Simplify each of the following expressions:

a) 64^5/3

b) 9^3/2

c) 100^(-1/2)

♥Solve the following equation for x, showing all work.

Ln (x) - Ln (x-1) = Ln (3)

♥The present population, P, in thousands, of a town is related to the initial population of the town at time t = 0 by the formula

P = 125(3)^(0.05t)

where t is measured in years. The town was populated in 1880.
What was the population of the town in 1880?

DON'T forget about the "in thousands" part.


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