A car travels 14 miles in 15 min. How fast is the car going?

Question:Please tell me how you got the answer as well so that I can learn! Thanks!

Okay, let's think about this: How fast is the car going? How do we express traffic speed? Miles per Hour, right?

How many minutes in an hour? 60. What fraction of 60 is 15? 15 minutes is a quarter hour, isn't it?

So. In a Quarter Hour the car travels 14 miles. We want to know how far the car will go in a FULL hour (Miles per Hour, remember?). Can you take it from there? I bet you can!
i know this


or the other way

15 goes into 60 4 times
15-14=1 1 is the distance for the first 15
multiply that 1 times 4 because that happened 4 times
60-4=56 because 4 is the difference

the car was traveling at 56 mph

i was the first to answer, so can i get the points?
56 miles per hour.
Weeeelllllllll, I intended to answer but my answer is the same - 56 miles per hour.

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