A bookstore sells pens for $0.45 and writing tablets for $0.85.?

Question:How many pens and tablets could you get for exactly $2.15

You can get 2 writing tablets for $1.70 and 1 pen for $.45.

Add those two together and you can get 2 tablets and 1 pen for $2.15 (without tax).
why do you only have $1.30?
Hmmm ... if you buy 3 pens ($1.35) and 1 tablet the total comes to $2.20. If you buy 2 tablets ($1.60) and 1 pen the total comes to $2.05, so you choose. I don't see a way you can buy some of each for exactly that amount of money.

My mistake - I read .85 as .80 - you have your answer!

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