I need some help coming up with a subject to write about in my formal letter…?

Question:I am writing a formal letter for a portfolio piece in Women’s studies, and I can not come up with a good subject to talk about… It has to be a Women’s issue/ problem that can be fixed by added or amending a law. I am to propose a new (or change a) law to a local, state, or federal legislator that can resolve the issue I bring up. Any help?? I must be very specific. Thanks for the help!

Oh BTW i am at a 10th or 11th grade level.

Mandatory paid leave for new mothers so that they have at least 6 weeks after birth to bond with their babies.

How about a law concerning domestic abuse? That husbands have a mandatory 30-day cooling off period in the county jail every time they beat the hell out of their wives?

Or you can put a new spin on the old topic of "equal pay for equal work".
Women's right to chose whether or not to abort a baby.
Pay or government benefits for stay at home moms.

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