2 questions here, please?

Question:Ok. first question is about the kentucky permit test...i have to take it, tomorrow, and i've read the manual..but it's been a while back...so any tips on there what to look for, what to read over.?

and another question.Sigmund Freud was a philosopher, i'm doing a poster over him.in my child development class.it has to deal with what he studied with children and what not, what could i do to make the poster...creative?

On the KY permit test look out for some of the test that deal with the street signs that we really don't need to know as well as some of the motorcycle questions. I took my permit test years ago, so it could be a little different now. Not really familiar with Freud's work wit the kids but I do know a little about his dream theories, maybe you want put some info out his beliefs that dreams have meaning. Oh, and considered to be the father of pschoanalysism so do something fun and make him like a father figure.
on the first question, I can't help.

On the second one, why don't you do it as "Freudian Slips"?

You know, those things you don't mean to say, but really mean? You can use a bunch of them around the border and then title it -- Your Slip is Showing -- Freudian Slip of Course.
THen the poster itself can be facts, pics and things about Freud.

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