3y-9=0 find the slope?

Question:how to find the slope

To help you find the slope, you can use the slope-intercept form of y=mx+b where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept.

So rewrite 3y-9=0 in this form (you want y by itself on one side of the equal sign):

Then, using y=mx+b, you can see that y=3 has no x term.
That is, y=3 is the same as y=0x+3.
This means that m=0 or the slope equals 0. (m is the slope)
When the slope is 0, this is seen as a horizontal line on the graph. Now where you graph the horizontal line can be determined by the y-intercept which is 3. (Recall y=mx+b and your equation is y=3. This means m=0 and b=3. b represents the y-intercept)
Hence, the graph of y=3 is a horizontal line 3 units above the x-axis.

Hope this helps!
from the standard slope form,

m = slope
b = y intercept.

to find your slope, you need to get y by itself.

add 9 to both sides

y=9 is a horizontal line, so there is a slope of zero.
This translates to 3y=9 which is y=3. 3 is the y-intercept. The slope is 0, it would just be a horizontal line.

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