"$1200 is 35.1% of what?" That's the question i have to answer but i dont know how to do the work. Help/steps?

Question:this is for my homework. i have no idea how to find the answer. please don't give me the answer, just tell me how to do it. i need steps to be broken down, basically give examples. thanks :)

Divide 1200 by 35.1 and then you know how much is 1%. Then multiply the sum 100 and you got the problem solved. This is the easiest way to solve that kind of problem but teachers in schools usually do not allow students to use this method.
just put .351x=1200 and divide
it is easiest to put this in a proportion:

1200 . 35.1%
------- = -----------
x . 100%

to find x , which is the amount your trying to find, you take and multiply across with 1200. so 1200 x 100 is 120000. then take 120000/ 35.1. this gets you 3418.8034.

that easy

hope it helps
$500 is 25.1% of what?
500 25.1
----- = -------- 500*100=25.1x
x 100 50000=25.1x
hope this helps you.

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