8x-6y=5 find the slope?


y = mx + b

Change the equation into this form and you have the slope.

With your equation 8x - 6y = 5
....therefore 6y = 8x - 5
divide bs by 6 .... y = 1.33 x - 5/6

m (which is the slope of the line) is 1.25
slope equation.



b= y intercept.

got it?
Rewrite in slope intercept form: y = mx + b

-6y = -8x + 5
y = (-8/-6)x - 5/6
slope(m) = -8/-6 = 4/3

slope form is y=mx+b move over the 8x and divide by 6 to get y alone and then the m or slope is 8/6

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