A box contains three red cards, four white cards and five green cards.?

Question:if two cards are drawn one at a time, find the probability that both cards are green if the draws are made with replacement

theres a 5/12 chance each time. 3+4+5=12. 5 of them are green so 5/12 are green. if you tke on and put it back theres still the same chance! get it now?
17.36% chance of getting two green cards. (25/144)

It's been awhile since I was in a math class, but if I remember correctly, you have a 5/12 chance of getting a green card on each try. (5 greens out of a possible 12 cards total.) You're drawing twice, so you multiply those odds and get 25/144, or 17.36%.
one fourth

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