As a student,my role to make “Obesity Awareness Campaign” a success?

Question:it really urgent
i need..
please help me..
i already got 5 pionts..
but i need more..5 to 10 pionts...

Pass out granny bras to the overweight boys at your school. People will suddenly be very aware of your campaign.
i dont understand your question can you add more detail and i come back to your question i will star it ok
We are already aware of the problem, it is 500 lbs large and in front of us in the line to check out at wal-mart, ordering ahead of us at McDonalds and eating a bag of chips on the park bench next to us. We couldn't forget about it if we wanted to...
Poster of FAT student in uniform, I bet they don't look good in it?
Show support, most obese people did not choose to be fat... Sometimes.. just when they have the motivation, it dies out and gets stomped on by people's ignorant attitude towards them...

Help them dig deep down and find the cause of their obesity. Are they an emotional eater or is it just lack of self control...
Emotional eaters are those who mask their sorrows behind food. When they eat, they feel free from everything that's binding them. That makes them eat without stopping...

Help them build a daily routine of simple exercises and workouts.. And also a list of what you should and should not eat. The food pyramid would be a good reference...

Make them realize the burden their inflicting upon themselves and their loved ones.. The main cause of serious heart diseases are because of fats in your system. Which have been proven to be fatal...
may be organise a health programme in school like 5km big walk or anything else

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