How do I graph this polynomial function?


I found the zeros using synthetic division and they be 2, 8, 8, -8. I have no notion why there are two 8' that possible or am I doing something wrong? How do I graph this, since technically I with the sole purpose have 3 zero instead of 4? Does the line on the graph somehow hit 8 twice?? I'm so lost..I don't fathom out how only one number (8 contained by this case) can account for two zero. Please help!

Also, my coach wanted us to graph the y-intercept. When I plugged within 0 for all of the x's the result be -1024 which would be the point (0, -1024). However, the graph he gave us to put this is on one and only has y's from -8 to 8! Did I breed a mistake in finding the y-intercept or have my teacher only just lost it?!

Answers:    Ha ha! I am not sure if he lost it or not but the y-intercept is definitely -1024. And the certainty that 8 is there twice manner it's a double root, and the graph will just hit 8 on the x-axis and turn posterior, rather than cross the x-axis in attendance.
I haven't done polynomials in several years. My suggestion is follow the solving steps exactly as your book shows unless you own a TI-8_ calculator. Perhaps some math teacher will check your answer here.

In response to your end question, your instructor may be trying to inculcate you how to graph in larger segment on the number scale (i.e.: 200,400,600,800,1000 instead of 1,2,3 etc) to some extent than having lost it.

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