5 points of wellness poster?

Question:I have to do a wellness poster for health class and how the 5 points affect my life. The 5 points are: spirtual, physical, emotional, social and intellectual. I need 3 picture examples for each. For example a picture of a book for intellectual would work. I know this question doesn't really make sense but please help me if you can. =]

OK, how about:

Spiritual - pics of a church, Bible, praying hands, ..

Physical - pics of someone excersizing, riding a bike, eating healthy foods, drinking a bottle of water,..'

Emotional - pics of friends holding hands, box of kleenex, books that make you cry, a family pic,....

Social - pics of a party, friends playing together, ..

Intellectual - pics of books, e=mc^2, reading out under a tree, science experiments, difficult math problems,..

I hope this helps alittle bit.

Good luck.

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